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      Wenzhou Jiangfan Technology Trade Co., Ltd.
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      1. Acid Blue 9
      2. Acid Blue 260
      3. Acid Blue 225
      4. Acid Violet 17
      5. Acid Green 3

      about us

      Wenzhou Jiangfan Technology Trade Co., Ltd.     Our Co. is located at national grade Wenzhou Economic and Tech Development Zone.The company has subsidiaries two dyes production factories: Wenzhou Longwan Dyestuff factory and Wenzhou Longwan fine-Chemical Dyestuff factory. The company's brief products: disperse dyes and acid dyes and midbody. Although the output of ours has not a large number,the technical difficulties are high enough and the quality of our products is in advanced level.Now we are producing Acid Violet 4BNS(C.I.Acid Violet 17), Acid Blue P-RL(C.I.Acid Blue 129) and Acid Bril Blue FCF(C.I.Acid Blue 9) etc.
           The company's products are selling well to worldwide, and always receive warm welcome and trust from customers. The company can do import and export business by itself.

      contact us

      Add :North of yutian bus station, LongWan , Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
      Post Code : 325011
      Tel: +86-577-86551033, 86531022
      Fax: +86-577-86555533
      President and Chief manager:ZhuSongHua
      Contact person :WuJianGuo, ZhuSongHua
      E-mail: Joy@longdadyes.com hwq@longdadyes.com zsh@longdadyes.com wjg@longdadyes.com

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